Etching is an engraving method renowned for creating durable, accurate and quality products for a wide variety of applications. With over 30 years experience in the industry we’re perfectly placed to be able to match the vision for your product with a high quality end result.


Laser etching is a popular process for its durability, abrasion resistance and long lasting, accurate marking in even the most arduous of environments. So if you’re looking for a product that will look great and withstand the elements this process will ensure that even in tough conditions your plaque or sign will stand the test of time. 


Acid Etching is a process that has been around in a rudimentary form since the 15th century. The finish provides a deep and even engraving that allows for different colour paint infills giving our customers more control over their design and finished product. 


Abrasive blasting otherwise known as sand blasting can be used on various materials generating a wide variety of effects. 

Laser Etched Plates

Laser engraving is renowned for durability, high-temperature resistance and micro coded laser marks that resist high and extreme heats applied to various materials.

Acid Etched Plates

The acid etched plate with a UV stabilised paint infill allows our customers complete control over the look and depth of their design on their desired material. 

Acid Etched Mountable Plaque

Perfect for outdoor applications an acid etched mountable plaque boasts a deep and even mark that will last years, looking as crisp and bright as ever.  

Etched and epoxy filled commercial signage

The Etched and epoxy filled commercial sign is a terrific solution for an outdoor application.

Customer supplied products

Our etching process allow us to engrave in great detail on a variety of convex and concave surfaces. 

Abrasive Etching

Using high pressure industrial sand carving methods we are able to produce 2D and 3D artwork on many surfaces such as glass, bluestone engraving, granite, marble, cement and brick engraving.  

At Australian Engraving we work with the the customer to create durable, quality products to suit your needs. 

Browse our range of products and services and find the right process that works for your buisness. 

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