With our wide range of processes were sure we can find the perfect solution for you. Here you will find some examples of the work we produce and a bit about some of the materials we can supply for your project.  

Laser Engraved Data Plate in Stainless Steel

Laser engraving is renowned for durability, high-temperature resistance and micro coded laser marks. This means the product is incredibly resistant to abrasion, high temperatures, chemical and UV damage.   

Laser Engraved Mountable Plaque

Fiber Laser Engraved plaques ensure your design is accurate, distinctive and durable, exactly replicating your logo and artwork.

Laser Engraving tooling and customer supplied products

Our 3D Laser capabilities allow us to engrave complex curved surfaces from convex, concave, cones, cylinders, spheres and angular faces. 

Acid Etched Mountable Plaque

The Acid Etching process provides a smooth engraving finish free of cutter marks ideally suited for in/outdoor applications such as, business plaques for high end customer expectations.

Etched and 2 Pack Epoxy Filled Commercial Signage

For Commercial Signage our 2 Pack Epoxy Etching process provides a durable product resistant to chemicals, heat and abrasions making it idea for public and outdoor instillations. 

Deep Etched Bluestone

Bluestone Etching provides a deep long lasting engraving. Perfect for landscape architectural applications, incredibly resistant to foot traffic, weather abrasion and UV degradation. 

Metal Printed Signage

Our Metal Printing process offers a wide variety of metal finishes for indoor applications in full color graphics.

Engraved Laminated Plastic labels

Sometimes referred to as Treffolyte our Engraved Laminated Plastic labels provide a cost effective product in an extensive range of color combinations with or without 3M adhesive backing. These products are ideally suited to electrical switches and general labeling applications.

Printed Aliminium Data Plates

Printed Aluminium Data Plates provide a cost effective, full color metal printed product that can be marked on hand stamped by the customer on an ad hoc basis.

Laser Engraved Switches

We can provide a quick turn around on high volume/ repeat orders with quick set up and low impact processing of sensitive components. 

Laser cut Traffolyte

A fast and economical process for producing durable control panels, fascias and escutcheons. 


We can engrave onto any wooden product using our high powered C02 lasers creating beautiful designs with accuracy at greater depths.


Using the latest computerised engraving and signage technology we can provide the highest quality product and services with fast delivery times to meet tight deadlines.

Inscriptions, photo’s & designs can be engraved with our high resolution processes, ensuring faithful  reproduction of small dots & characters.

Your artwork can be reproduced identically time after time. Our in house design service will be only too happy to assist you with layout and artwork options.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is renowned for durability, abrasion resistance and long lasting and accurate marking in even the most arduous of environments. 

Acid etching

Acid Etching is a more labor intensive process however it provides a deep engraving result over broad surfaces with a smooth finish. Logos can be replicated accurately while also providing the ability to infill with multi-color UV stabilized paint.

Abrasive Etching

Our Vapor Honed Abrasive Etching techniques has been developed to process artwork with fine characters and lettering whilst producing depths greater than traditional methods of stone engraving. 

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting equipment enables us to manufacture customer specific size and shape requirements for products in a cost and time efficient manner. 

Graphic Design

Our artwork and design service specialises in re-creating customer specific artwork custom tailored to suit the engraving software and processes.

CNC Machine Engraving & Cutting

Our high speed CNC Metal Engraving and Cutting Machines provide deep channel engraving for a variety of materials.   

At Australian Engraving we work with the the customer to create durable, quality products to suit your needs. 

Browse our range of products and services and find the right process that works for your buisness. 

Simply drop us a message through our contact page, email us directly or give us a call Monday to Friday 8:30 – 5.

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